Dog Walking

Dogs are very active animals and need a lot of exercise, but we get it! You don’t always have the time, and sometimes a morning or evening walk just seems like one more thing to do in an already busy day.

But, if your dog doesn’t get out enough, it will lead to boredom – which comes with many kinds of unwanted behaviour like chewing and over-excitement, which can cause jumping and issues with listening.

Let us help by giving them some needed attention when you simply aren’t able to.

We will arrange to come to where your dog is and get them out to stretch their legs, all 4 of them, in any weather. This option goes great with our ‘Silver Star’ training program where we incorporate ‘leash manners’ and ‘off leash walking’. This way your dog gets some extra one-on-one time with one of our trainers, at no extra cost to you.