In-Home Obedience Training

Do you ever get frustrated with your dog and wish they would listen better? At Pawsitive Dog Training we use a positive reinforcement, reward-based training method to teach your dog everything from ‘sit’ to off-leash walking, and can even train for CKC exam preparation.

We don’t believe in punishing your furry family member for not understanding what you are trying to communicate to them; it’s not their fault they don’t speak human. Instead, we believe that it’s on us to teach them to relate the desired action to words, sounds, and hand signals, creating a command/response connection.

We offer a specially customized training course to address any specific needs you may have, as well as our Bronze, Silver, and Gold Star packages that cover everything from basic obedience to CKC preparations and even Retriever training. During your free in-home assessment, we will help you figure out which service is best for you.

We accomplish this by treating good behaviour in an environment that we control, where we can set them up for success.